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1930-1935. Модные клипы 30-х годов прошлого века
Marika Rokk – Maske in Blau

Ich brauche keine Millionen (Musik, Musik, Musik)

Sung and danced by Marika Rökk in “Hallo Janine” (1939), music by Peter Kreuder.

Ted Weems – The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, 1933

Ted Weems & His Orch., v. Elmo Tanner – The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Harry Warren/Al Dubin), Bluebird 1933

Ben Selvin’s Orch. – An Eye-ful Of You, 1929

The Knickerbockers (Ben Selvin & His Orchestra) – An Eye-ful Of You, Columbia 1929

Ben Selvin Orch. – Cuban Love Song, 1931

Cloverdale Country Club Orch. (Ben Selvin), voc. Dick Robertson – Cuban Love Song (Fields/McHugh), 1931

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